McConnell chided for not talking about Trump at Middletown luncheon

08/11/2016 04:04 PM

MIDDLETOWN – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was scolded by a 72-year old woman, for not being vocal enough in support of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, at a luncheon on Thursday in Middletown.

MConnell was speaking to members of the Middletown Chamber of Commerce, when he was asked about his thoughts on Trump.

Laughing to avoid answering the question, he jokingly declared it a “Trump free day.”

“Here’s what I decided when I got out of bed this morning,” McConnell said. “I’m going to have a Trump free day.”

That prompted 72-year-old Cathie Tucker of Middletown, to criticize McConnell for not talking about the Republican nominee and not doing more to get other GOP members to support Trump.

“Why can’t you voice encourage these Republicans in D.C. to stand behind him,” Tucker said.

McConnell responded saying that most GOP members in Congress, including him, do support Trump, but he has a problem standing by some of the things Trump has said.

“When he says something that I have to speak up on, I will,” McConnell said.

After the luncheon, Tucker said that she just felt that avoiding talking about Trump at the luncheon was a example of the Senate leader not doing enough to support the Republican nominee.

“He’s not been vocal enough in encouraging Republicans to stand behind the Republican nominee,” Tucker said. “We need Trump to bring this country around.”

Earlier in the day, McConnell participated in the Louisville Plate Glass grand opening.

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