McConnell campaign taps former Clinton/Pawlenty ad producer, releases new online video

04/25/2013 09:36 AM

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign has made a new hire and highlighted principles in a new online video released Thursday morning.

The new online video was produced by political filmmaker Lucas Baiano who has been hired by the McConnell campaign. Baiano has previously worked on the presidential campaigns of Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

McConnell’s campaign has also recently hired Cyrus Krohn as a senior advisor, according to campaign manager Jesse Benton. Krohn has previously worked as Digital Strategist for the RNC, Director of Content Production for Yahoo News, and senior director and executive producer at Microsoft.

The video, titled ‘The American Ideal’, runs over two minutes and uses clips of McConnell speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference highlighting principles of Republican party.

“Grounded in the principles that unite us, we’ll fight this and every other assault on liberty that the left throws at us until we restore the American ideal,” McConnell says in the video.

“Senator McConnell is leading our Conservative Comeback. He knows that if we stick to our principles and lead with a clear, strong voice, the country will follow,” Benton said in a statement. “As Mitch says, we own the conservative principles that made America great. We can reclaim those ideals and get our country back on track.”

According to the campaign, the ad will be used as an online push and social media campaign, targeting voters both in Kentucky and across the country.

But national Democrats say the hire of Baiano and the video will not help McConnell’s popularity with his constituents.

“Not even Steven Spielberg could direct a film that could make Mitch McConnell look good,” DSCC National Press Secretary told Pure Politics. “No senator in the country is more unpopular with his or her constituents than Mitch McConnell, so it’s unlikely that the team who couldn’t propel Tim Pawlenty ahead of Herman Cain or Michelle Bachman is going to do the trick.”


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