McConnell campaign manager: We're not 100% done with Mr. Bevin

02/12/2014 06:08 PM

Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager said GOP primary challenger Matt Bevin has been digging a deeper hole for himself when trying to explain a 2008 report he signed that praised the bank bailout.

And while Jesse Benton, McConnell’s manager, wouldn’t say whether this will be the focal point of an ad barrage against Bevin, he did say “we’re not 100 percent done with Mr. Bevin.”

Politico broke the story Tuesday that Bevin signed off on a 2008 report to investors for the company he ran at the time, Veracity Funds. Bevin’s campaign has said Bevin’s signature was a formality and the commentary praising the federal government for a $700 billion to prop up the banks was the work of the chief investment officer.

“For the president of a fund to try and say that he is somehow detached from the investment philosophy and the investment choices that his fund is making is just on its face completely un-credible and unbelievable,” Benton said Wednesday.

Benton said it was clear that the documents reflect Bevin’s reaction and assessment to the TARP bailouts and stimulus packages at the time which would not be an issue if he hadn’t been attacking McConnell on his vote in support of TARP in 2008.

“It’s the hypocrisy, it’s the fact that if he thinks that stuff is okay, that’s fine. But it’s the fact that he has made this the focal point of his entire Senate campaign to attack and smear Republicans over these kind of issues,” Benton said (at 1:30). “It’s a consistent pattern of Mr. Bevin representing himself as something he is not.”

Bevin has tapped into the anti-McConnell sentiment prevalent among many tea party groups in Kentucky. Throughout the race, Bevin has criticized McConnell for making deals instead of standing on principals.

As for the people who will still support Bevin over McConnell in the primary race, Benton said voters need to look at McConnell’s leadership in opposing the the Affordable Care Act and leading the charge against the IRS. He said they risk “marginalizing” themselves by sticking with Bevin.

“You contrast (McConnell) with Matt Bevin who you just don’t know what he is, he’s a snake oil salesman,” Benton said, echoing the sentiments of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. “He’ll say anything, he has a track record of this now of saying whatever a specific audience wants him to say, whatever he can do to try and make a sale.”


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