Massie says government shouldn't subsidize energy or drug treatment but should cut regulatory tape

01/24/2012 09:24 PM

Congressional candidate Thomas Massie, who is seeking the GOP nomination in the 4th District, said government should play a minimal role in clamping down on an influx of illegal pills and energy regulation.

“I think the federal government should stay out of this. I believe it’s a state issue,” Massie said of the concept of a national prescription pill monitoring system. (That part of the discussion starts at 5:30).

Massie, the Lewis County judge-executive, said he believes drug treatment should mostly be privately funded, although he said he wanted to look into why there aren’t more now.

Massie took the helm of Lewis County’s government last year. The county is struggling with one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. It was 15 percent for much of last year — one of the five highest rates in Kentucky.

When asked what government should do to address that, Massie said “there are lots of opportunities for energy development in the 4th District because we have the Ohio River.” (1:00 of the video). And government needs to stop putting up red tape to energy development. However, Massie said he doesn’t favor government subsidies for any sector of the energy industry. (2:00)

“To say that bureaucrats or politicians could pick the right energy source for Kentucky or for our country is basically to embrace the failed central planning policies of the Soviet Union,” Massie added.

Find out what he says government’s obligation is to regulate pollution from energy sources (2:40):


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