Massie pushes for repeal of gun free school zones in Meet the Press interview

02/26/2018 01:42 PM

Kentucky’s 4th Dist. U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie appeared on Meet the Press this Sunday where he argued for more lax attitude on where guns are permitted and how old you have to be to purchase them — in an effort to protect students.

The Vanceburg Republican advocated for armed educators in an effort to reduce mass shootings at schools. Massie said that lawmakers need to take off the “gun free” labels from schools.

Massie was also asked about efforts to increase background checks on those attempting to buy guns. President Trump has also advocated for increasing the age to buy rifles to the age of 21, in line with the age to purchase a handgun — something Massie disagrees with.

“Trying to put lipstick on a pig,” Massie proclaimed, when asked about stronger background checks on those trying to buy guns.

“Criminals are going to get a hold of guns — we’ve got to look at solutions,” he said.

Watch Massie’s full interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd in the video below.


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