Luallen explains her decision and what's next for her and for the 2015 Democratic primary

04/24/2014 02:21 PM

After announcing her decision not to run for governor next year, Crit Luallen spent much of Thursday on the phone with supporters — and later reporters — explaining her reasoning for taking a pass on a race she had been gearing up to run.

She told supporters what she said in the initial statement: that her personal life took precedence over politics.

In a phone interview with Pure Politics, Luallen said her friends and supporters reacted initially with disappointment, then expressed their happiness for her personally.

“I just kept coming back around to not being able to reconcile the total loss of my personal life,” said Luallen, 61. “There’s a side of me, unlike many people in the public arena, that enjoys many other interests outside of politics.”

Here’s highlights of what else she said:

On her preparation for the race:
“I was convinced we could raise the money and win the race despite what the critics were saying. I had a consulting team selected, a finance team in place, a pollster, a media firm ready to go. I had all the pieces in place for what I believed would be a successful campaign.”

On what her decision means for others looking at the race:
“I think it certainly opens opportunities for people to move forward after waiting to see what I was going to do.”

On which Democrat she hopes will decide to run for governor:
“Certainly Jack Conway and I have a very close relationship and we always have.”

On a potential Adam Edelen candidacy for governor:
“Adam’s a terrific young man and doing a terrific job as auditor. He will have to make that decision.”

On when Democratic candidates should get in the race:
“I don’t think they can wait until November. But they should wait as long as they can and still commit to helping Democratic candidates (in the 2014 elections).”

On taking a position in a future administration:
“I hadn’t even thought that far down the road … If other opportunities present themselves down the road, I guess I would be open to that. I think it’s premature to make that decision now.”


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