Lt. Gov. Mongiardo says Beshear could be more 'forceful' but voters will reject Williams' style

09/30/2011 07:54 AM

Gov. Steve Beshear could do more to push for his priorities, such as allowing expanded gambling in Kentucky, but voters still prefer Beshear’s approach to that of Republican candidate David Williams, said Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo.

The governor is “maybe not as forceful as he could be” on pushing for gambling, Mongiardo “But he doesn’t have that type of personality. He’s the type of person who puts something forth that’s responsible, that should be taken up,“ he said at the 8:20 point.

Overall, Mongiardo said voters are getting frustrated with the negativity and what he called the politics of obstruction.

“It’s not David’s fault or Steve’s fault where we are today. It’s the voters who put people like that in place. And That’s why I think so many voters are moving away from David Williams because they’re tired of that approach,” Mongiardo said 9:20 into the interview.

“I think most people realize that after the primary, the race was over. David Williams, through several years, has created a reputation for himself as pretty negative. He’s someone I respect because he gets things done. But a lot of people don’t like how he gets things done,” said Mongiardo, a former state senator from Hazard who served in the legislature with Williams before running in 2007 with Beshear. (Those remarks came at the 2:10 mark of the interview).

Williams “gets things done with hammer. And I think most voters are tired of that approach,” Mongiardo said 3:20 into the interview.

Mongiardo said Beshear, meanwhile, hasn’t had to talk about many issues so far in this campaign.

“What does he have to do? He’s not doing anything wrong,” he said during a discussion about the campaign between 3:35 and 4:30.

Mongiardo said he and Beshear “talk on occasion.” (At 5:50 of the interview). And he said some issues need to be taken up regardless of how the governor’s race turns out.

“We have to look at pension reform. Obviously our pension system is in very a very difficult situation,” he said at the 7:00 mark. “Tax reform is something that has to be pushed as well. But as David Williams said on multiple occasions, the legislature sets the agenda. The executive branch and the governor fills out that agenda. It’s not the governor who can make things happen.”

Mongiardo opened the interview talking about becoming a dad for second time. His wife, Allison, is due this week. Mongiardo explained that he didn’t attend the Fancy Farm picnic in early August because Allison wasn’t feeling well. And he said that also gave Beshear’s running mate, Jerry Abramson, more of the spotlight.

“And I wanted Jerry to have his place there without me interfering,” Mongiardo said at 1:40.


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