Louisville Mayor: Democrat Greg Fischer defeats Republican Hal Heiner

11/02/2010 05:08 PM

For details of Democrat Greg Fischer’s speech, see Jenny McLendon’s recap in our Senate race post.

Here is Republican Hal Heiner’s concession speech:

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 9:32 p.m.: And as two key local losses surface, the ballroom crowd begins to dwindle.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 9:31 p.m.: Heiner concedes the race to Fischer. He thanked the support from his staff and local campaign volunteers.

He thanked the 2,000 members from the Fraternal Order of Police in Louisville.

Apparently Shannon White is here — Heiner thanked her as well as Tyler Allen and Lisa Moxley.

Heiner talked about the passion expressed by so many he encountered during his campaign.

“There’s a tendency to magnify the differences that divide us rather than focus on the things that unite us,” Heiner said.

He said that uniting during this process is imperative and that locals should find it easy to unite on issues that affect everyone, such as education and neighborhood improvements.

“Let’s begin with our common ground; united and move ahead,” Heiner said. “This city needs your passion. I plan to do my part to help this city move forward.”

Jenny McLendon from Fischer HQ 9:22p.m.: Overheard by a media colleague: a Fischer campaign staffer on the walkie talkie saying Heiner was calling Fischer to concede.

Will Mapes 9:03 p.m.: With 97% of precincts reporting, Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner each have 49% of the vote. Less than 5,000 votes separate the two. Can you say recount? Betting neither candidate will sleep well tonight.

Rand Paul is on the big screen television and people here love every second of it.

Also, no sign of Shannon White, another former mayoral candidate and Democrat who supported Hal Heiner.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 9:10 p.m.:Wonder what Greg Fischer would say if he knew Allen and Moxley, his former opponents in the primaries, were smiling and chatting up Republicans? I doubt nice words would follow.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 9:05 p.m.: Well, well, well. Former mayoral candidates, Democrats Tyler Allen and Lisa Moxley just walked in the door. Both supported Hal Heiner in the race for Metro Louisville Mayor.

Hal Heiner gives an early take on the race to cn|2 Politics:

Jenny Mclendon at Fischer HQ 8:26p.m.: Despite the poll numbers being a near tie, Fischer supporters at the Marriott are in high spirits and the mood is definitely one of celebration.

Will Mapes 8:38p.m.: Democrat Greg Fischer reclaims the lead with 445 out of 527 precincts reporting. But it’s still anyone’s game. Fischer leads Heiner 50% to 48%.

Will Mapes 8:30p.m.: Just 5,000 votes separate the two hopefuls vying to become Louisville’s next mayor. With 77% of the precincts reporting,  both Hal Heiner and Greg Fischer have 49% of the vote.

Will Mapes 8:01p.m.: With 374 out of 527 precincts reporting, Democrat Greg Fischer maintains his lead over Republican Hal Heiner  50% to 48%.

Will Mapes 7:45 p.m.: Democrat Greg Fischer claims the lead as the race grows tighter. With 252 out of 527 precincts reporting, Fischer has an edge over Republican Hal Heiner, 50% to 49%.

Will Mapes 7:24 p.m.: With 37 of 527 precincts reporting, Republican Hal Heiner grabs the lead over Democrat Greg Fischer, 52% to 48%.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 6:42 p.m.: Nearly 100 people are now in the ballroom here at the Galt House. From the time local polls closed — at 6 p.m. — the crowd has increased substantially.
In our interview, Heiner discussed the changes he would seek to enact if elected. He said keeping government open and transparent and jobs as two key initiatives for him.
The keeping local government honest and open is what attracted sisters, Jane and Ellen Lohmeyer to volunteer for his campaign.
Ellen Lohmeyer, 68, said she was attracted to Heiner and his campaign due to his pro-life beliefs and that he’s genuine.
“He has a wonderful personality and he’s very well-equipped to be mayor,” Ellen Lohmeyer said.
The Jeffersontown sisters said they began supporting Heiner when he announced his campaign for mayor 14 months ago.
“He’s so passionate about Louisville,” said 72-year-old Jane Lohmeyer. She added that although she thinks the race will be close, she’s sure Heiner will pull out victorious.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 6:35 p.m.: Despite Jefferson County leaning heavily toward Democrats, Heiner told me he likes his chances against his opponent, Greg Fischer.

Emory Williamson at the Heiner HQ 6:33 p.m.: Councilman Hal Heiner, who formerly represented the 19th District in Metro Louisville, arrived just before 6pm.

5:08 p.m.: For the first time in about two decades, Louisville voters are voting in a mayor’s race without Jerry Abramson on the ballot.

The race has narrowed between Republican Hal Heiner and Democrat Greg Fischer, with plenty of cross-over endorsements for both candidates. The Ohio River Bridges Project, jobs and development have remained the key issues in the race.

Please follow along below for updates from the Fischer and Heiner election night headquarters, starting around 6 p.m.


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