Liberty for All Super PAC launches pro-Massie ads with $541,000 buy in Louisville, N.Ky.

05/09/2012 05:26 PM

The Liberty for All Super PAC that has pledged to support 4th Congressional District Republican candidate Thomas Massie made good on its promise to invest more than a half million dollars in the race with a major ad buy Wednesday.

The organization purchased more than $541,000 worth of commercial time in Louisville and Northern Kentucky cable and broadcast TV markets.

That single investment by the libertarian-leaning organization dwarfs what individual candidates have raised through the first part of the campaign. Massie, the Lewis County judge-executive, raised $150,000 and kicked in $80,000 of his own money. And Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore collected about a quarter of a million dollars.

As Pure Politics reported earlier this week, the group’s founder, John Ramsey, promised to do “whatever it takes” to help Massie win the seven-candidate Republican primary in the Northern Kentucky congressional district. It’s an open seat race to replace Congressman Geoff Davis, who opted not to seek a fifth term.

And the first ad from Liberty for All is a positive spot touting Massie as a “proven conservative … who will walk the walk.”

The ad plays up Massie’s accomplishments as a first-term county judge-executive. Massie has found and ended wasteful spending, such as electric bills the county was paying for equipment that had long been unhooked from the grid. But the overall spending dip in Lewis County’s budget between 2010-2011 and his first year in office — 2011-2012 — had less to do with Massie’s polices and more to do with a drop in state road funds to the county and the end of a federal homeland security grant.

In addition to the TV ads, the Liberty for All Super PAC is organizing a phone bank and is sending out direct mail on Massie’s behalf. The organization also is backing Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and is getting involved in other races in Texas.

Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited money in an election on behalf of or against candidates. But, by law, they cannot coordinate with candidates’ campaigns.

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  • Bruce Layne wrote on May 10, 2012 11:58 AM :

    Hopefully the Liberty For All Super PAC will get out some of the truth about Thomas Massie, to counter the shameful 99% FACT FREE attacks on Thomas Massie by the establishment that is desperate to avoid another humiliating TEA Party win over their politics-as-usual candidates.

    It’s about time that liberty had a PAC to compete with the PAC money from the Wall Street megabanks, insurance companies, the military industrial complex, pharmaceutical companies, and every other lobbyist group that corrupts our political process.

  • Marc Wilson wrote on May 10, 2012 12:23 PM :

    Vote for Thomas Massie if you’re a Libertarian. Libertarians vote May 23rd! Don’t let a Libertarian TEXAS SUPER PAC BUY a Republican Congressional Seat. Vote for Alecia Webb-Edgington on May 22!

  • Dave wrote on May 11, 2012 07:25 PM :

    Looks like Alecia Webb-Eddington dislikes this article… ^^

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