Lexington Mayor Jim Gray endorses Democratic nominee Amy Mcgrath for Congress

06/29/2018 03:55 PM

LEXINGTON – Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has officially endorsed Democratic 6th District Congressional Candidate Amy McGrath in her race against Republican incumbent Andy Barr.

Gray made the announcement on Friday as took took McGrath on a tour of the recently renovated old Fayette County Courthouse.

Gray, who lost to McGrath in the primary by 8,000 votes, says that McGrath is the one candidate who can build unity across the state as well as the country.

“Our countries divided, and this is a woman who can help bring these United States together,” Gray said. “I can tell you that she’s doing this because she sees it as her responsibility.”

McGrath was proud to have Gray’s endorsement and feels that it’s essential for her to continue to build momentum towards the November election.

“To have somebody like Jim Gray supporting me in this campaign going forward, we share the same vision, we both believe that we need new leadership in Congress, and so I’m honored and proud to be standing next to Jim Gray,” McGrath said.

McGrath says that she and Gray learned that they shared a lot of the same vision of what they want to see in the future.

“We share a vision for this region, for Lexington and our country together,” McGrath said. “In the primary, we fought hard, all of the candidates fought hard, but there was never a question that we wouldn’t be behind each other no matter who won.”

Gray identified characteristics that he’s seen in McGrath which would make her effective in Congress.

“She has a commitment,” Gray said. She’s as tough as nails and strong as new rope, and her service to our country is something tht certainly resonated with the voters.”

The Lexington mayor believes that McGrath’s message will resonate with many voters from all parties, and that will lead to a tremendous swell of supporters who will turn out to vote for the Democratic candidate.

“I think Democrats and I think Republicans will as well,” Gray said. “I think that she’s going to get votes that she probably didn’t even expect to get. Her message resonates with folks, her character resonates with people.”

Gray pledged to help McGrath any way that he can on the campaign trail and McGrath plans to confer with Gray often during the campaign.


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