Lewis explains how Ky. delegation will likely lobby for politically safer seats

03/16/2011 12:00 PM

Once the state’s Census data is released, Kentucky’s six members of Congress will look for ways to make their seats politically safer, said one congressman who went through the last round in 2002.

“They will certainly be looking out for their own personal political interests,” said former Republican Congressman Ron Lewis of Cecilia. “That’s just natural.”

Lewis served from 1994 through 2008 in Congress.

He said he expects the members of the delegation will likely talk with each other privately about moving or swapping certain counties based on their recent political performance.

While the General Assembly is responsible for re-drawing the lines, members of Congress have typically offered suggestions and made specific requests, he said.

“There’s always that opportunity to discuss and formulate a plan going into the state legislature,” Lewis said.

Kentucky’s Census numbers are expected by the end of the week. All states must have their detailed data by April 1.

Lewis offered some insight into how the process went down the last time, which was nearly a decade ago.

- Ryan Alessi


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