Letter in October leads to Clinton's visit to Lexington to talk to students about sustainability

04/23/2012 06:56 AM

Henry Clay High School senior Jane Brady Knight figured who better to talk to environmentally-focused students about sustainability than a former president who’s foundation emphasizes sustainability.

So Knight wrote a letter to Bill Clinton last fall asking him to speak to the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council, an organization across Fayette County Schools aimed at encouraging students to conserve energy and reuse as much as possible to be environmentally and fiscally stingy.

It worked. Clinton will speak to about 3,000 students and educators Monday at Rupp Arena.

“It’s still a shock. But I did write him in October. And I just said to him, I have a council of green-minded student leaders who really want to represent other green-minded student leaders globally,” Knight said (2:00). “… I think he appreciated that and noticed that enthusiasm.”

It might not work for everyone who sends Clinton a letter. Knight also has an edge as the daughter of Kelly Knight, the Lexington-based philanthropist and political fund-raiser who is well-connected in political circles.

On Friday’s program, Jane Brady Knight talked about the work the sustainability council has done, the Clinton event and her future in politics:


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