Lawmaker again filing bill to address drone usage in Kentucky

10/23/2015 07:44 AM

State Rep. Diane St. Onge, R-Lakeside Park, is pre-filing legislation which addresses privacy issues related to how drones are used by law enforcement personnel to collect evidence.

BR 197 would prohibit a law enforcement agency for using a drone to obtain evidence without a search warrant.

St. Onge says that the aim of the bill is to protect citizen’s rights.

“What are the parameters that need to be put forward, that would allow for people who want to use drones legitimately, the right to do that, yet, still protect the citizens right to privacy,” St. Onge said.

When it comes to the use of private drones in the United States, 4th District U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie, R-Vanceburg, admits that the rules and regulations are cloudy, or in some cases, non-existent.

“Well. Right now, it’s sort of the Wild West in the United States in regard to drones and drone policy, Massie said.

St. Onge plans on filing a second bill this week concerning the growing private use of drones which could intentionally or unintentionally threaten citizens.

“We struggled with this one and worked very hard to find some sort of compromise situation which would protect someone from a drone hovering over their property such as with the gentleman in the Bullittsville area,” St. Onge said. “What we came up with, you can look at it from the perspective of trespass or harassment. Because with harassment, there is an intent there to annoy someone. And so, with this, if you do this, the first time would be a violation, the second time this would be done over the same property would be a class A misdemeanor, and the third and subsequent times would be a class B.”


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