Latest U.S. Senate ads depict Paul as off-base on crime and Conway wrong on health care

09/14/2010 06:12 PM

UPDATED: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway plucked Republican candidate Rand Paul’s words from a 2008 Kentucky Educational Television appearance as the basis for an ad depicting Paul’s position on crime and punishment as “crazy.”

Also, Tuesday, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee chose the Kentucky race as its first of the fall election season to go airborne, as CNN reported. Its ad ‘Jockey Jack’ goes after Conway on health care.

Conway’s ad began airing across the state Tuesday and is scheduled through at least Sept. 19, according to public ad files at Insight Communications.

Here’s the 30-second spot:

The ad takes a clip from a Nov. 24, 2008, discussion on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight” in which Paul appeared with three other panelists to talk about addressing the state budget. Toward the end of the program, Renee Shaw, who was hosting, asked the panelists about their take on allowing expanded gambling as a way to generate state revenue.

Paul seemed to question why the lottery was allowed under state law but not slot machines, prompting Shaw to ask a follow-up about whether Paul supported allowing expanded gambling.

“I’m against legislating morality,” he said. “I mean I’m for having crimes and having laws against things that are violent crimes. But things that are non-violent shouldn’t be against the law.”

Clips of Paul’s comments from that show, including that section, were included on a Youtube video posted in December 2008 by “minnesotachris.” The referenced section comes at about the 5:20 mark:

UPDATED 7:28 p.m.: Hours after Conway launched the ad, Paul’s campaign dispatched a press release announcing the support of sheriffs, from heavily-Republican counties of Kenton and Boone in Northern Kentucky as well as many of the counties in the GOP stronghold that is known as the old 5th congressional district. The list includes sheriffs from Adair, Clinton, Clay, Cumberland, McCreary and Pulaski counties as well as the sheriff-elects from Laurel and Whitley counties.

Meanwhile, the National Republican Senatorial Committee added its voice to the Kentucky U.S. Senate race that adopts the same message another conservative group has taken against Conway.

It joins the Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies group in criticizing Conway for voicing support for the health care bill pushed by President Barack Obama and passed by Congress in March. Here’s the NRSC ad:

The ad refers to the health care cutting billions of dollars from Medicare. The ad cites a March 22 question and answer piece by Reuters aimed at explaining some of the health care legislation.

The bill does cut $455 billion over 10 years out mostly out of the Medicare Advantage program, which use private companies such as Louisville-based Humana to provide the benefits, the news service reported.

- Ryan Alessi


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