Heiner ad calls for ending Jefferson County school busing plan

09/21/2010 07:04 AM

Republican Louisville mayoral candidate Hal Heiner wants to do away with the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan, according to his latest ad addressing the issue.

He also uses the ad to announce his proposal to offer merit pay “to the best teachers willing to teach in failing schools” and to expand magnet schools.

The commercial opens with text that reads “it’s time to end the failed student assignment plan.” In the ad, Heiner advocates for “merit pay for teachers, reducing class sizes and expanding magnet programs” as a “fresh start” in education in Louisville.

Joe Burgan, spokesman for the Heiner campaign, said the ad has been in the works for a while as a way for the Heiner campaign to address the busing plan, which has drawn the ire of many parents of elementary school children.

Under the current plan, children may living in the East End of town may be bused across the county to go to school. As many as 10 children didn’t get home from their first day of school until 9 p.m.

“This is something we have been planning, to run an ad on education,” Burgan said. “It’s extremely important. How are we going to grow a workforce if we don’t work on education? It’s safe to say what we have been doing isn’t working.”

Heiner is the first candidate in the Louisville mayor’s race to call for taking action about the busing plan.

Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer told cn|2 Politics at the Ham Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair that the plan is best left up to the school board, not the mayor’s office:

- Kenny Colston


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