Lally to get fund-raising help from Paul but not McConnell

06/21/2010 06:56 PM

(WITH VIDEO) LOUISVILLE — Since winning the Republican primary for the 3rd District, Todd Lally have been trying to attract heavy duty support from national and state party leaders. But representatives for Kentucky’s top ranking Republican, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, have told Lally he’d have to fight “on your own,” the candidate told cn|2 Politics on Monday.

Lally is going up against two-term incumbent U.S. Rep John Yarmuth, who carries a half a million dollar lead over Lally to start the general election. McConnell’s retiring Kentucky office director, Larry Cox, has told Lally it will largely be up his own campaign to try to catch up to Yarmuth in fund-raising, Lally said.

Here’s what he says:

So a defiant Lally said he plans to do just that without help from the top and has been working to drum up support since the primary.

He did nail down some help from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul.

In an e-mail blast, the Paul campaign invites supporters to meet Lally at Kremer’s Smoke Shoppe on East Jefferson Street in Louisville. The e-mail touts the event as an invitation from Lally and “ a chance to meet the candidate … and hear about his plans for the 3rd District.”

In an interview with cn|2 politics, Lally said he will make two appearances with Paul — the one on Friday and one at a Paul fund-raiser later this summer. But Lally has tried to stay clear of being labeled a tea party movement candidate, a description Paul, on the other hand, has embraced. In an earlier interview with cn|2 Politics, Lally said: “I’m not the tea party candidate everyone thinks I am.”

Here’s the video of Lally talking about working with Paul:

Lally also said he has a scheduled conference call Tuesday with U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, the leader of the National Republican Congressional Committee, to request support from that organization.

— Reported by Kenny Colston with video produced by Holly Thompson


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