Ky. Senate Democratic Leader says redistricting map has 'very good chance' to pass unanimously

08/15/2013 07:08 PM

Democratic Senate Minority Leader R.J. Palmer called the Senate majority’s proposed redistricting map “fair” and said it has a “very good chance” of getting unanimous support during next week’s special session.

That would be nearly unheard of for a redistricting map considering how, political, personal, contentious and controversial redistricting maps have been over the last several decades.

“I don’t see much reason why anyone would be opposed to this if you reflect and consider where we were two years ago,” Palmer said.

The map Senate Republicans unveiled Thursday doesn’t pit any incumbents against each other and sought to preserve the heart of the current districts even for the 14 members of the Senate Democratic minority.

Palmer said Republican Senate President Robert Stivers had been in touch with him about the planned map since March and most recently went over the proposal with him Tuesday evening. While Palmer said Thursday not all Democratic incumbents are thrilled by all the changes, it’s far better than the map the majority proposed last year under Senate President David Williams.

“Not everyone’s going to be happy. But you can’t draw this map and make everyone happy. It’s impossible,” Palmer said “… He wasn’t vindictive to any member of our caucus.”


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