Ky. House Republicans mounting a 'time for a change' campaign to win over chamber

11/15/2013 11:10 AM

The sexual harassment allegations against a former Democratic state House member gives Republicans more fodder to make a wider case to voters that a new party should take over that chamber, one Republican lawmaker said.

“If you’re in charge of government for 92 years, you’re going to become complacent, you’re going to become corrupt. And you need new faces and the occasional party change once in a while just to change things and let some fresh ideas and sunshine in on the process,” said Rep. Adam Koenig, R-Erlanger (2:00).

Koenig, who narrowly lost a bid for leadership in January but has been active with helping Republican House candidates, said if he were in charge of messaging he would “would talk about the culture.”

And much is at stake in the 2014 House races with Republicans at their closest point to control in more than nine decades. Democrats hold 54 seats to Republicans’ 45 with the race to replace disgraced former Rep. John Arnold to be decided on Dec. 10. Arnold resigned in September amid allegations that he sexually harassed Democratic legislative staffers.

With all 100 House seats up for re-election under new district lines, both parties are in full candidate recruitment mode now.

And Koenig said he’s already seen a change in how Democratic lawmakers interact with Republicans.

“There’s some acknowledgment from a lot of Democrats that they now want to play along with us and help some of us out occasionally because they know we’re going to be in charge, if not in 2015 than in the not too distant future,” Koenig said, adding that he believes there are some Democrats who would switch parties if Republicans get close to 50 seats.


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