Ky. 9/12 group enlisting congressional help in response to 'illegal' intimidation by IRS

03/20/2012 07:20 AM

The Kentucky 9/12 Group is hoping to bring a fight against the IRS to Congress after the agency requested a host of documents about organizers’ families and personal communications.

The IRS request came after the organization sought to form as a non-profit 501 (4)(c) in December 2010. The Kentucky 9/12 Project is a grassroots political group that espouses personal liberty and was inspired by principles laid out by Glenn Beck. It is one of about two dozen tea party or liberty groups that have received similar requests from the IRS.

“I think what they were trying to do was bury us in paperwork … They gave us a little over two weeks to comply to 88 different requests,” said Eric Wilson, the group’s director, at 1:45 of the interview. “They wanted every Facebook post, every communication we made. It would have been 5,000 pages of documentation to return in a two week time period.”

Wilson said the group, which he said has a budget of about $2,000, is fighting the request because it sees it as a violation of personal liberties.

“There has to be a light shined on this. We have to understand their motivation and what they’re doing,” he said. “We have had key people who can make this happen in Congress that have reached out to us. We’ve already been in communication with them and we’re actually going to be going to D.C. in the near future.”

Wilson said those people “could make this happen” through a congressional investigation.

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of California chairs the Committee on Oversight and Government. Other groups have asked Issa to investigate the IRS for this.

Wilson said if the IRS is trying to crack down on other non-profit organizations that spawn so-called Super PACs that get involved in elections by raising money and airing ads, then they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Find out how Wilson responds to questions about the best way to regulate those new campaign organizations (8:25 of the video)


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