Kentucky Supreme Court rules UofL board overhaul moot

09/28/2017 11:18 AM

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled the legal challenge over whether Governor Matt Bevin had the authority to disband and reorganize the University of Louisville’s board of trustees moot.

The court said that the passage of Senate Bill 12 and Senate Bill 107 made the issue moot because the bills codified Bevin’s reorganization of the board.

This decision is a legal victory for Bevin, who made that very argument before the court last month.

However, Attorney General Andy Beshear doesn’t see the court’s decision as a loss.

“Under the Supreme Court’s ruling, Gov. Bevin can no longer use the reorganization statute to dissolve a university board, an action that had dire consequences for the University of Louisville,” Beshear said in a statement. “This ruling will protect the accreditation of all Kentucky universities going forward”

Below is a statement from Gov. Bevin’s Communications Director Amanda Stamper:

“The Bevin Administration commends the Kentucky Supreme Court’s unanimous decision granting the Governor’s motion to vacate the injunction and dismiss Attorney General Andy Beshear’s complaint with prejudice. The Court’s decision, coupled with the Legislature’s action last session, underscores the correctness of the Governor’s reorganization. Today puts an end to Attorney General Andy Beshear tossing the future of the University of Louisville around like a political football.”

You can read the court’s complete ruling here.


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