Kentucky's neighbor working to end culture of voter fraud

09/12/2012 07:57 AM

The high-profile cases of Kentucky voter fraud and vote buying — think Clay County — show that the culture that permits such cheating at the ballot box is still alive into the 21st Century.

It’s the same across the border in some counties in West Virginia. Last month, two men in Lincoln County, W.Va., including the former sheriff, were sentenced to federal prison for voter fraud. It was the result of a 28-month investigation led in part by Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

Tennant spoke with Pure Politics last week at the Democratic National Convention. And she said the key to cleaning up the culture is to work with county officials step-by-step to hold clean elections.

“With the charges, the investigations, the jail time, you cant stop there. Because you see that culture might continue” (at :13). She later added: “That’s what we can do, we can get them on the right track and be part to help them at the same time” (2:26).

Here’s the interview:

Tennant said voter fraud shouldn’t be tolerated.

“Quite simply when people have said to us ‘well that’s the way we have always done it here’ our simple response is not anymore” (2:00).


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