Kentucky nurses heading to Florida to assist with hurricane relief

09/13/2017 01:15 PM

EDGEWOOD – A group of four Northern Kentucky Health Department nurses will join nurses from the Louisville and Franklin County health departments and the Kentucky Department of Public Health in traveling to Florida on Thursday, to assist victims of Hurricane Irma.

The team of 10 Kentucky nurses will travel first to Tallahassee where they will be assigned to work in a special needs shelter in the Orlando area. The deployment is expected to last two weeks.

The request for the nurses’ assistance was made to the Kentucky Department for Public Health by the Florida Department of Health.

Christina Prince, an RN and clinical manager with Northern Kentucky Health Department, is one of the 4 nurses from northern Kentucky making the trip, and says that she and her team will be prepared to help with a wide variety of services.

“I’m anticipating seeing people that don’t have electric, maybe transferring from nursing homes, maybe transferring from hospitals, it’s going to be a hodgepodge of things,” Prince said. “So, acute and chronic.”

While Prince admits the team is not actually sure about all they’ll be doing to assist hurricane victims, her goal is make a difference wherever she can.

“There’s going to be people with weeks without electric, weeks without water, if they were unable to prepare themselves then they’re stuck,” Prince said. “I just want to do anything that I can do. Either it is behavioral, or mental, or physical, or just being there to tell them they’re going to be OK with their families.”

One word of advice that Prince got in preparing for the trip was to take care of herself as well.

“We’ll be down there, maybe working 24-7, maybe working 12 hours, we don’t know, but we also have to take mental time for ourselves and that’s one of the things that I’ve got to remember to do,” Prince said.


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