Kentucky lobbyist spots Trump, Tiger Woods starting golf game in Florida

11/24/2017 12:16 PM

President Donald Trump along with PGA golfers Tiger Woods, Brad Faxon and Dustin Johnson headed out to play golf this morning at one of Trump’s courses in Florida, where Kentucky lobbyist Bob Babbage witnessed the group warming up.

Babbage who is on vacation near the Jupiter, Florida course tweeted on Friday that he came across the well-known golfers and the president after a long morning walk.

Trump tweeted on Friday morning that he would be speaking with the president or Turkey, and then “quickly” playing golf with Woods and Johnson at Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter.

“Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the USA!” he tweeted.

In a phone interview with Pure Politics on Friday morning, Babbage recounted coming across Trump and others warming up on the practice green.

“Out from the clubhouse walked the President of the United States,” Babbage said.

“It was a very secure environment, though a very casual one — no one was dressed up particularly,” Babbage added. “He just walked to the practice tee, and said hi to his playing partners.”

Babbage said there was security on site including an ambulance on the premises as well as a military SWAT team, Secret Service, White House staffers, and an F-16 flying overhead, though he described the scene as “casual.”

“There was no crowd engagement, there might have been 50 people there,” he said.

In recent years, Trump blasted President Obama for playing golf, criticizing his work ethic and saying as president he would not have time to play the sport. A year into his presidency, Trump has played golf at least 34 times, and visited his golf courses more than 70 times, according to CNN.

Traveling press is rarely allowed to observe the president playing golf.


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