Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner excited to work with Trump administration on trade

01/23/2017 01:55 PM

During his first Monday in office, President Donald Trump signed three executive orders, including withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

TPP is a trade agreement with 12 Pacific Rim nations. It was never ratified by the United States, due to congressional opposition, but it was strongly supported by the previous administration, and was the largest trade deal from President Obama. The deal would have created free trade stretching from Japan to Chile.

Kentucky’s Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles warned of the potential downside of the deal for tobacco farmers in the Commonwealth back in 2015 when he was running for his current office.

Quarles isn’t just encouraged by President Trump’s actions of backing out by TPP; he is also looking forward to having his voice heard in D.C. in regards to any new trade deals.

“I’m excited to see a renewed spirit in the international trade arena,” Quarles told Pure Politics on Monday. “The last two years have been a clash of ideals and stagnant progress on international trade. I look forward to working with the new administration to ensure that any trade deals benefit Kentucky farmers. As future trade deals are negotiated, I stand ready to advise the Trump administration, just as I did this past fall.”

Madeline Janicki

Madeline is a producer for Spectrum News. You can watch her work on Pure Politics, the only statewide nightly show dedicated solely to Kentucky Politics. Madeline is an Indiana native and received her degree in Communications from Indiana University. Her background is as a news producer but her passion for civic engagement and drive to bring voters information on issues that impact their lives brought her to Pure Politics. Here she gets to work on projects like her multi-part digital series on how the national group Teach For America is working in Eastern Kentucky Schools. If you have a story idea, email her at


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