Kenton County police officers equipped with Naloxone to aid heroin overdose victims

06/27/2015 08:19 AM

INDEPENDENCE – In order to address the growing number of heroin overdose calls, the Kenton County Police Department has issued all officers Naloxone Rescue Kits.

The kits, provided by St. Elizabeth Healthcare, contain two doses of Naloxone Hydrochloride. The drug, which is administered to patients nasally, can prevent or reverse the effects of heroin and other opioids during overdoses, possibly saving the life on an overdose victim.

Detective Andrew Schierberg says the kits have already been used to help save a life.

“Two weeks ago, our officers were able to use one dose on a patient before an ambulance got there,” Schierberg said. “The paramedic that arrived administered another dose and the person did exactly what was supposed to happen with doses of Narcan. They woke up almost instantly and were taken to the hospital.”

Even with increased awareness, treatment and the implementation of drugs like Naloxone, the number of heroin cases continues to increase in the county.

“From 2013 to 2014, our department alone saw a 21 percent increase in calls for service for overdoses,” Schierberg said. “So far, this year, if our trend of the first six months continues, we’re on track to see a 48 percent increase this year over 2014. We just had an overdose of a young man just two weeks ago, that our officers responded to.”

Training for the officers to administer Naloxone was provided by People Advocating Recovery, a statewide group of concerned individuals working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction.

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