Kelley Paul predicts Rand's re-election to U.S. Senate; looks back at presidential bid

06/24/2016 04:03 PM

UNION – Kelley Paul, wife of U.S. Senator Rand Paul, is looking ahead to her husband getting re-elected this November, but says that she still has some good memories about his failed presidential bid.

Paul was in northern Kentucky on Friday speaking to members of the Boone and Kenton County Republican Women’s Club in Union and promoting her new book, True and Constant Friends.

Paul notes the most memorable moment for her during the presidential campaign was watching her husband take part in the debates.

“Watching Rand up on that stage and realizing that he’s up there with one of 10 people who could possibly be President of the United States and seeing all of the people in the crowd at those debates was really exciting and something that I’ll never forget,” Paul said.

The biggest frustration was the fact that her husband seemed to gain very little traction during the campaign, even though she thought that he did a solid job during the debates.

“I was so excited to watch Rand in the debates and I always felt like he did an amazing job, and then the next morning, I’d tune in on television thinking, wow, he gave these great responses,” Paul said. “But sometimes it’s not your year. You can’t really predict how things will resonate either in the media or with the voters.”

As for her husband’s Senate re-election campaign, she believes that the Senator’s message and actions during his first term have resonated with Kentucky voters and he will come out victorious against Democratic challenger Jim Gray.

“He’s returned money to the U.S. Senate every year that he’s been in office because he really lives out his belief that our government needs to be smaller and that spending a million dollars a minute is no way to continue our prosperity and our opportunity for all people,” Paul said. “I’m just really proud of the work that he’s done and I think most people are too.”


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