KDP seeks "consistency" in responding to claims against Sen. Carroll

07/24/2017 07:24 PM

In two emails sent an hour apart on Sunday the Kentucky Democratic Party sought to bring county chairs and vice chairs in line with the party’s response to a Pure Politics Investigation into allegations that Sen. Julian Carroll, D-Frankfort, groped and propositioned photographer Jason Geis, 30 years old at the time, for sex.

Geis had sought Carroll’s help getting into art school in February of 2005. Carroll, who spoke in the secret recording about his connections to representatives at that school, repeatedly asked for sex acts from Geis.

Carroll admitted to State Police that he asked for oral sex from Geis, according to documents obtained by Pure Politics during an 11 month long investigation. He said it was a test and that if Geis had agreed Carroll says he would have left. Pure Politics sought to uncover if Carroll used his position to seek the sexual favors, and if there was a cover up of the incident.

The Kentucky Democratic Party asked county party chairs and vice chairs to “reach out” to KDP spokesman Brad Bowman if contacted by media representatives for comments on the Pure Politics investigation.

KDP executive director Mary Nishimuta also emailed county party chairs and vice chairs informing them of the Senate Caucus’ decision to remove Carroll from leadership, and call for his resignation.

In the email from Nishimuta she also asks anyone contacted by media to forward the requests to Bowman, their spokesperson. She also said Carroll has had “an outstanding career.”

“We can all agree that Governor Carroll has had an outstanding career, and we are in great appreciation for his lifetime of dedication. We are praying for all involved,” she wrote in the email.

Bowman acknowledged the emails in a phone interview with Pure Politics, saying the information was meant to offer the resources of the KDP to county chairs and vice chairs.

“It wasn’t don’t talk to anybody have them talk to me, it was more of you know, if you need talking points on this or don’t understand the issue feel free to call me,” he said. “This is what we sent out last night, because some people didn’t even realize that I had issued a statement concerning your piece.”


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