KDP accuses Barr of criticizing President Trump; Barr responds

10/11/2018 03:55 PM

FRANKFORT- The Kentucky Democratic Party has released audio of Republican Congressman Andy Barr telling a group President Donald Trump exaggerates.

KDP says the audio was taken at a Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon a little over a month ago. On the audio released by the party, you can hear Barr saying when talking about the economy, “The President is projecting five to six percent economic growth. We know the President has a tendency to exaggerate from time to time.”

On Wednesday, KDP released only eight seconds of audio but after calls from Barr to release the full audio—“they did.”:https://youtu.be/hzMsKHQswr4

“We’re happy to release the full audio so voters, and the President, can hear for themselves that Congressman Barr randomly took a swipe at the President—unprovoked and without prompting,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party in a release. “Andy says lots of nice things about the President in public, but behind closed doors he called the President a liar. Voters deserve honest leaders who don’t talk out both sides of their mouth.”

The full audio reveals Barr saying the president does exaggerate—but referencing the new trade agreements being crafted with Mexico and Canada says it could be done.

“Look, if we get better trade deals. And we stop retaliatory tariffs on Kentucky bourbon,” he can be heard saying.” “And we open more export markets on China and the European Union, Canada and Mexico, We prevent any distribution, we prevent any distribution on a protracted basis on the supply chain for auto manufacturing—five percent economic growth, six percent economic growth is not out of the question.”

View the video released by the Barr campaign here.

Thursday morning when questioned about the audio Barr defended his comments.

“My point that I was making was its understandable why you would think that’s an exaggeration at first blush because of the slow economic past,” he told reporters. “If we do wrap up trade deals, if we do get better trade deals on the heels of tax cuts, on the heels of deregulation, on the heels of changes to Dodd-Frank, and healing our capital market. Yes, we in fact could get to five percent economic growth, and then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.”

President Trump is set to make a campaign stop in Richmond on Saturday to campaign for Barr. When asked by reporters if he would call out any exaggerations by the president during his visit Barr said he works for the people of the sixth congressional district.

After the audio was released, the Republican Party of Kentucky said everyone exaggerates.

“Nearly every President has employed hyperbole as a common way of delivering their message. Take for instance Joe Biden’s running mate Barack Obama when he said “if you like your doctor, you can keep them. President Trump is no different and we look forward to hearing from him this Saturday,” said Communications Director Tres Watson in a statement.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Bath County campaigning for Barr’s Democratic opponent Amy McGrath Friday.

Michon Lindstrom

Michon is a producer for Pure Politics. Michon comes to Kentucky from Springfield, Illinois where she served as the statehouse reporter for the NBC affiliate. During her time in the Land of Lincoln she covered the state’s two year budget impasse and the largest school funding overall in Illinois history. Pure Politics airs weeknights at 7 and 11:30 on Spectrum News. Follow Michon on Twitter at @MichonLindstrom or reach her by email at michon.lindstrom@charter.com


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