Judge-executive says original pension reform proposal would create a huge obstacle to overcome for his county

12/08/2017 12:15 PM

LAWRENCEBURG – While it might be uncertain when pension reform will be dealt with by the General Assembly, many local government officials are certain that if anything close to what Gov. Matt Bevin has proposed is passed, there will be brutal effects to the local budgets of county and city governments, as well as school districts.

Anderson County Judge-Executive Orbrey Gritton says count his county as one which would definitely be put into dire financial straits if no changes are made to the original pension proposal.

“It looks like it could impact our fiscal court $316,000, just in the county,” Gritton said. “The school system was $420,000 something dollars, the city is a little over a half million, that would be a huge obstacle to overcome.”

Gritton believes that the only workable plan for a long term solution is for the state to find additional revenue sources.

“It’s a revenue stream and I don’t know where that revenue stream comes from,” Gritton said. “It would be my personal feeling that I don’t think that you can necessarily increase taxes. That would increase revenue, but I don’t think that’s it.”


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