Yarmuth predicts election will result in 'ugly' gridlock in Congress

10/23/2010 10:51 AM

The U.S. House and Senate will likely have razor thin majorities in an ultra-polarizing environment, Democratic U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth predicted.

“I’m very pessimistic about the next session of Congress,” he said.

Yarmuth said on Pure Politics he thought Democrats had “a new energy over the last couple weeks.” But he said he expects the final partisan head-counts after the Nov. 2 election to be close. And that could set the stage for epic clashes.

“By and large, I think it’s going to be pretty ugly. I think there’s going to be a lot of gridlock,” he said. “Ultimately, I see both parties being pulled toward their poles.

“I just can’t see where there’s going to be a lot of room for bipartisan cooperation. I hope I’m wrong,” he said.

Here’s his take on the election and the implications:

- Ryan Alessi


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