Jim Gray addresses high school agriculture students in Lexington, says his sole campaign focus is on Kentucky

08/23/2016 01:01 PM

LEXINGTON – Lexington mayor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gray took a break from the campaign trail on Tuesday morning to tour and visit with students at Locust Trace Agriscience Center in Lexington, where students learn about all aspects of agriculture, equine studies and veterinary science.

Gray talked to the students about how important agriculture is to the state, and said that’s he’s inspired to see so many young people are looking to focus on agriculture.

“You see the passion with these kids, you see the sparkle in their eyes, you see the pep in their step, you see the way that they are committed to agriculture,” Gray said. “You could tell they were interested in the cost of education too, and they’re concerned about that, and I think all of these issues translate into a campaign.”

Gray feels that one of the key points in his campaign against Republican incumbent Sen. Rand Paul is to reach as many people as he can around the state, something that he feels he’s been successful doing.

“I’m committed to reaching across this state,” Gray said. “Ive already been to western Kentucky, eastern Kentucky, southern Kentucky, to Louisville, to Lexington, and to Frankfort. I think that’s what’s really relevant.”

Gray seems to have purposely stayed away from the presidential race, where polls indicate that Republican nominee Donald Trump will defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton easily in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Gray indicated that his sole focus of the campaign is Kentucky and his race against Paul.

“I’m a seventh generation Kentuckian, grew up in Glasgow, in Barren County which is the largest agriculture producing county in the state,” Gray said. “I’m excited about the campaign, I’m enthusiastic about the campaign, I’m enthusiastic when I hear people that are enthusiastic themselves. You know, everybody likes to see a vigorous campaign.”


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