Jesse Jackson calls for Obama to renew the war on poverty to help low-income Kentuckians

09/05/2012 07:53 PM

CHARLOTTE — One of the most visible big-name Democrats at that party’s national convention has been Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has made the talk-show circuit and posed for dozens of pictures with eager delegates.

The civil rights leader and former presidential candidate talked briefly with Pure Politics about what President Barack Obama could have done to improve his standing with Kentuckians.

Jackson used the answer to make a plea to Obama that, if re-elected, the president picks up the “war on poverty” as it was called by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

“I hope in the coming term there will be a renewed focus on poverty,” Jackson said.
… This is a chance to renew the war on poverty.”

Jackson, who hasn’t always been complimentary of Obama, said many low-income Kentuckians who rely on Medicaid or Medicare would be voting against their best interests if they backed Republican Mitt Romney in November.


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