Jerry Lundergan pleads not guilty in Federal Court

09/12/2018 09:53 PM

LEXINGTON- Walking into court, Jerry Lundergan stayed fairly quiet, “Good morning” his only comment.
In court, Lundergan also stayed quiet, his attorney J. Guthrie True speaking on his behalf.
Lundergan and his alleged co-conspirator, Dale Emmons, are both accused of crimes related the the failed 2014 Senate campaign of current Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is also Jerry Lundergan’s daughter.
Lundergan is facing 10 charges, and Emmons 6. Their charges include conspiracy, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission, falsifying documents, and unlawful campaign contributions.
In Federal Court in Lexington, both men pleaded not guilty to all of the charges they are facing.
After court, True explained why he isn’t happy with the charges filed. He explained, “The evidence is going to show that these men are not guilty of these charges, but it’s bothersome and it’s disturbing that major corporations and outside sources can come into Kentucky and spend millions of dollars in our elections in our state under the protection of the first amendment, which I have no complaint about.” True continued, saying “But that a father could be subjected to criminal charges for using his own resources he’s earned by the sweat of his own brow to help his own daughter run for public office.”
Lundergan is accused of using about $200 thousand from a company he owned to pay for campaign related services and then funneling the money around, with much of it allegedly going to Emmons.
Wednesday’s arraignment lasted more than an hour, with the judge also addressing the terms of their bond.
Both men have been released on their own, but are limited in what and where they can go. Terms were changed for Lundergan, as his work will take him to the Carolinas and also Virginia to help with Hurricane Florence. True explained, “He’s got folks down there in distress. They are waiting on him. They’ve got camps being erected for 6 thousand folks that are being displaced and they’ve got about 15- thousand power workers that are anticipating coming in to the Carolinas that they’re going to go down there and take care of probably over about the next two weeks so he’ll be leaving this afternoon to go try and take care of those folks.
Lundergan had people in the courtroom with him, however his daughter, Alison Lundergan Grimes, was not there for his arraignment.
In their indictment, the Department of Justice stressed that Grimes is not named in these charges.
True says the timing of the indictment makes him think the move was politically motivated. He said, “Here on the eve of Jerry’s daughter and other candidates announcing their intentions for the future of Kentucky, we’ve had this indictment returned and there’s no question this indictment is going to impact one election or 2, likely this November election and November 19 election. That’s disappointing.
Trial is currently set for November 13, however True said he plans to file a motion asking for that to be pushed back.


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