Jack Conway says GOP is 'out of bounds' for making a political issue out of his brother's troubles

06/01/2011 05:04 PM

FRANKFORT —Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway is taking offense to questions repeatedly asked by the Republican Party of Kentucky chair Steve Robertson regarding a drug investigation that focused on Conway’s brother, Matt.

Robertson has sent out a news release everyday for the last month asking what Jack Conway knew about investigations regarding Matt Conway. And Robertson has publicly questioned whether Jack Conway, as the state’s top law enforcement agent, got involved on his brother’s behalf.

Jack Conway has consistently denied getting involved.

Matt Conway resigned in late April from his job as assistant commonwealth’s attorney in Jefferson County. That came months after he admitted to police that he lied about being tipped off by Louisville Metro Police officers about an investigation into whether Matt Conway was selling drugs.

Police never charged Matt Conway.

In a January interview with Pure Politics (Five minute mark) Jack Conway insisted that he directed his brother to get a lawyer and stepped away from the matter.

On Wednesday, Conway called the Republican Party’s tactics “mean and out of bounds” when asked by reporters about whether the issue could be a political liability for him. And Jack Conway said that he was never interviewed by police or prosecutors about any potential wrong-doing.

Jack Conway, who is running for re-election as Attorney General, will face Republican Todd P’Pool in the November general election. Neither Conway nor P’Pool, the Hopkins County Attorney, had primary opposition.

Without a primary, Conway has mainly focused on attorney general rather than raising tons of campaign money. He collected $166,000 in the primary, as opposed to $446,000 that Conway raised in the spring of 2007 during his first run for attorney general.

He’s also been preparing for his second child, due this July, while also helping his wife, Elizabeth, at home with his first child, Eva.

With the birth of his second child nearing, Conway said he plans on hiring a campaign manager in the next few weeks. He said he’s narrowed the list to a few candidates.

But with the general election here, Conway said he’s still going to campaign as much as possible, but hopes voters will understand if he has to cancel an appearance last minute.

And while he’s starting to hire staff, Conway said he would bring in a new campaign team. That includes not bringing back one of his main consultants from his 2010 U.S. Senate run, Mark Riddle, Conway said.

-Reporting and video production by Kenny Colston


  • Bruce Layne wrote on June 02, 2011 10:12 AM :

    No doubt Steve Robertson is making hay of this issue for political purposes, but really, from the voter’s perspective, there is a very serious issue. Google “Conway cover-up”. It certainly appears that Jack Conway DID use his position as Kentucky’s top cop to tip off his brother to avoid a drug raid or maybe two. At the very least, he didn’t actually order that his brother be tipped off, but he created an environment where that order was assumed.

    I witnessed some of that environment at the final US Senate debate at KET in Lexington last October. When Jack Conway arrived, the crowd was peaceful but the Lexington police lined up to provide a blue corridor that appeared to be half security measure and half honor guard. When Rand Paul arrived, the police stayed back and did nothing, often with arms folded. Out of state agitators from MoveOn.org were there to cause trouble, and when one of them was pointed out to police prior to charging the candidate and assaulting him, the police response was, “She’s not our job.”

    The story of Matt Conway being warned of upcoming drug raids broke in the Louisville Courier-journal, which is not exactly a propaganda arm of the Republican Party of Kentucky. I’m amazed that story hasn’t received more media attention than it has.

    From what I’ve read, Jack Conway is hiring a new campaign team, but it’s mostly because his US Senate campaign last year ended deep in the red and campaign staff went unpaid. People tend not to work for you if you don’t pay them… except for campaign volunteers who work for free because they like your message and strongly believe you’re needed to fix our government, but I don’t think Jack Conway has that type of support.

  • dennis wrote on June 04, 2011 04:23 PM :

    But jack you haven’t done anything since Fletcher. CJ has reported 20 state violations the Dem governor has made, including what Fletcher did. Maybe some heat is good for you. Go after your own and take care of the state’s business not the Democrats business. Maybe the Republicans wouldn’t bother looking into your closet.

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