Is this the death of legislative task forces?

02/28/2013 08:24 PM

In what Senate leaders described as “gutting” the pension reform bill, House leaders may have inadvertently delivered the death blow to the task force style of problem solving complex issues in Frankfort.

The pension reform bill, Senate Bill 2, was based on the interim joint Public Pension Task Force recommendations, which the bipartisan, bicameral group approved overwhelmingly in November. And the full Senate passed it by a 33-5 vote on Feb. 9. Then it got substantially rewritten in the House this week, which did not sit well with Republican Senate leaders.

Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, told reporters Thursday that the dismissal of the bipartisan task force recommendations which created Senate Bill 2 has changed the “integrity of the task force system.”

“The House has sent us several bills with task force in them. Why would we ever want to adopt any type of legislation that has a task force in it anymore,” Stivers said. “The integrity of the task force system has just been thrown out the door.”


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