Influencer Spotlight: Julie Denton goes on independence streak

03/01/2011 08:17 AM

Our latest “Influencer Spotlight” segment features Republican Sen. Julie Denton of Louisville, who has raised some eyebrows in the state Senate lately.

Denton has spoken out against several bills being supported by members of the Republican caucus.

Last week, for instance, she was the only Republican to vote against a resolution calling for a U.S. constitutional convention to take up an amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. On Friday, she spoke out in a GOP caucus meeting against a bill regarding chiropractors, which delayed a vote on the legislation.

Before that, she raised concerns about a bill that expanded the practice of optometrists to perform certain surgeries that had been done only by ophthalmologists who have medical degrees. Denton expressed concerns that the bill was moving too fast without enough consideration.

All this comes after she challenged Senate President David Williams for the top post in the chamber. (Denton dropped out of that race just before the Republicans took a vote in November.)

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- Ryan Alessi

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  • Donovan Fornwalt wrote on March 02, 2011 09:43 AM :


    Excellent piece. It demonstrates a much deeper understanding of what’s really going on in the Capital. We have noticed and benefited from Senator Denton’s independence streak lately. She has been a true leader on the issue near & dear to us: the abuse & neglect of people with disabilities.

    She has worked to get HB 101 to the floor but Leadership has stubbornly refused to give it a hearing. And they have referred many bills that clearly fall within the jurisdiction of H&W to other Committees.

    This pattern of refusing to give prominent issues a hearing or a debate on the floor hurts Kentucky and it diminishes the integrity of the so called “deliberative body.”

    Thank you for your insightful coverage. It’s sorely needed.

    Donovan A. Fornwalt
    Director, Governmental Affairs

  • Ken Robinson wrote on March 09, 2011 10:40 PM :

    While some might sing the praise of Denton, Denton herself has introduced a senate bill (SB 127/LM/CI (BR 943) that would prohibit carrying a gun, openly or concealed, with or without a license, in any public airport facility. This includes both the sterile areas and non-sterile areas. While I agree with non-carry within the sterile areas (from security check point on), there’s absolutely no need for more state laws that already exist in federal law! It’s a waste of taxpayer’s money, time wasted in the already overloaded political sessions and wasting time that would be better suited for other, more important state issues.

    Just as politicians that do the right thing and support their people and the Rights of their people should be rewards with our votes to keep them in the fight for our rights, so should those politicians that trample on our Rights and the Rights of the people should be punished by being voted out of office!

    This senator should be voted out of her office for disregarding the Rights of her people in Jefferson County. Make your voices heard! Vote Denton out of her post!

    Full Bill:

  • Ray wrote on March 11, 2011 10:20 AM :

    It seems more and more conservative senators will be the true leaders they are expected to be and learn to get some power and authority on their own as the citizens who elected them expect them to be. Being under the thumb of the Senate President can lead you to being an irrelevant doormat. People do two things when they are bullied. They stand up and fight back or they cower down take the crumbs that are given.

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