Influencer Spotlight: Hoover emerges as key player on Medicaid budget compromise that passed 94-4

03/22/2011 08:56 AM

Late Monday afternoon, the state House overwhelmingly passed a budget patch for the Medicaid program.

It uses a combination of financial moves to free up more than $23 million and carries forward more than $100 million more from the 2012 budget to cover the gap in this year’s budget.

This budget fix, billed by House leaders as a “compromise,” also includes a provision that cuts state government agencies — but exempts certain programs, including education — if Gov. Steve Beshear fails to show his administration can save enough money through next year’s efficiencies.

This compromise passed the House 94-4 on Monday. And one reason is that House Republican leaders played a pivotal role in working with House Democratic leaders to hammer out the legislation during this special legislative session.

House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown emerged last week as a key broker of the compromise after having a relatively quiet regular session.

He is the subject of this week’s “Influencer Spotlight” segment, which aired on Monday night’s Pure Politics.

Four Republicans voted against the Medicaid compromise. They were Reps. Stan Lee of Lexington, Joe Fischer of Fort Thomas, Jim DeCesare of Rockfield and Tom Kerr of Taylor Mill.

Two lawmakers, Republican Rep. Tim Couch of Hyden and Democratic Rep. David Watkins of Henderson were not present.

Among those who voted for the bill was Rep. Mike Harmon of Danville who is running as lieutenant governor on the Republican gubernatorial slate with Louisville businessman Phil Moffett.

Moffett said last week on Pure Politics that he opposed moving money forward from one year to another and wanted to see cuts to state government now to balance the budget.

- Kenny Colston


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