Independent candidate for 6th district says he wouldn't vote if options were Chandler or Barr

10/01/2012 03:44 PM

With all the back and forth between Congressman Ben Chandler and Republican candidate Andy Barr, the 6th district Congressional race stays in the headlines, but the other candidate in the race feels he is being overlooked.

Randolph Vance is a third shift convenience store worker who is running a Congressional campaign entirely through social networking sites, like Facebook.

The race between Incumbent Chandler and Republican opponent Andy Barr is a re-match from 2010 where Chandler defeated Barr by only 648 votes. Vance was also a part of that race as a write-in candidate who received only 22 votes.

Vance says that 2010 run was meant to be a protest, but this time he is taking his run for Congress seriously.

And Vance says if he was not a candidate in the 6th district Congressional race, if faced with the choice of voting for Ben Chandler or Andy Barr that he probably just wouldn’t vote.

“Its shameful neither party knows how to work with the others anymore. If you had more Independents in Congress, you might see legislation get passed” (at 5:30).

Vance has what he believes is a different opinion on the issue of food stamps saying there should be more regulation on the program so that the taxpayer dollars are not going toward just junk food and it is used for to promote nutrition.

“My idea is lets go to a portion based distribution system where every month you get so many meat rations, you get so many dairy rations, so many grains and cereal rations, and this way you can plan your meals and enjoy them” (at 3:15).


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