In pre-Fancy Farm events, Democrats and Republican test their laugh lines

08/06/2011 12:03 AM

PADUCAH — Kentucky’s Republican and Democrat candidates spent Friday warming up for the political heat of Fancy Farm on Saturday by sharpening their messages, preparing their gimmicks and testing out funny lines on the party faithful.

We caught up both sides all day long, so here’s a preview of what you can expect on Saturday.

Carroll says Williams doesn’t have ‘guts’ to stay in Senate

At two events Friday, former Gov. Julian Carroll — now a Democratic state Senator from Frankfort — said he’s campaigning for the Democratic ticket to to deliver a defeat to Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams, the state Senate president.

Carroll joined Democratic Secretary of State candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes at a labor luncheon she organized in Paducah.

Then later at the Marshall County Democratic Bean Supper at Kentucky Dam Village, Carroll told first lady Jane Beshear that if the governor beats Williams handily, Williams wouldn’t “have the guts” to come back as Senate president.

Can any Farmer actually farm?

Democratic nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, Bob Farmer, began pushing back against the criticism he’s received from Republican nominee Jamie Comer.

Comer frequently points out that Farmer doesn’t have a background in agriculture and often refers to Farmer as a comedian.

Farmer’s new line is that farming experience might not be necessary for the job. Take a look:

But at the Republicans’ Marshall County Night Before Fancy Farm event, Comer laughed off Bob Farmer’s line, noting that Richie Farmer has a degree in agriculture.

Finishing second is a bunch of number 2

The Republicans’ annual pre-Fancy Farm get together, held at the Calvert City Civic Center, featured a surprise appearance of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett.

Moffett introduced Williams later in the program, but not before making a few remarks himself. And one of those statement was about how he feels about being runner up in the May primary election.

Fighting dirty talk

But the best lines of the night may reside with Republican Attorney General candidate Todd P’Pool, who ripped in Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway’s past Fancy Farm appearances.

P’Pool commented on Conway’s former cussing at the annual picnic to talking about Conway referencing how tough he is. And P’Pool telegraphed at least one more he’ll use at Fancy Farm involving soap.

And Williams decided to break down all of the down ballot races by offering up wrestling matches and dance offs before talking about party unity.

-Written by Kenny Colston, video production bu Kenny Colston and Don Weber.


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