In Northern Ky., Grimes weighs in on heroin, says federal government should pay for new bridge

01/25/2014 12:06 PM

COVINGTON – Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Alison Lundergan Grimes says that funding for a companion to the Brent Spence Bridge should come from the federal government and not tolls.

Grimes, who attended the Northern Kentucky Chamber luncheon in Covington on Friday, said that the bridge is a vital interstate connection from Michigan to Florida which carries 3 percent of the gross domestic product and for that reason, should be funded exclusively with federal dollars.

“We need to find someone to bring that funding — $3.5 billion back here to the state of Kentucky at the federal level instead of it being placed on the backs of Northern Kentuckians and the economy up here in the version of tolls,” said Grimes.

Grimes also fielded questions about what she believes Congress could do to help combat the scourge of heroin, which has been ravaging Northern Kentucky over the last two years.

Jobs and education, Grimes said, is the key to lifting people out of poverty. However, as law enforcement and health officials have repeatedly said lawmakers, heroin cuts across all socioeconomic divisions.

On Friday, Politico published a profile of Grimes in which she didn’t answer directly several questions about opposing proposed Environmental Protection Act regulations on coal-fired power plant emissions. But she told reporters in Northern Kentucky she does want them rolled back.

“We do that by reigning in the overburdensome regulations that the EPA has put out there,” she said. “That we ease the restrictions that are currently placed on our coal-fired plants and, most importantly, that we continue to push for fossil fuel research, especially the carbon capture utilization and sequestration.”

Grimes distributed copies of her jobs plan she first unveiled in Prestonsburg to attendees of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce luncheon.


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