How do you take on controverisal issues like coal regulation? One approach is to 'Tackle' them

05/22/2013 08:55 PM

After handling contentious executives, a Louisville-based management consultant decided to apply his board room approach to controversial public policy issues.

T. Alan Claypool, founder of TAC4 Solutions, figured if he could help diffuse tense workplace situations, then surely he could get people of opposite philosophies to see some common ground — and perhaps stumble upon solutions.

It’s like marriage counseling for policy junkies.

Claypool has dubbed these forums “Tackle” sessions. And on Tuesday, coal regulation — specifically whether Kentucky should be solely responsible for regulating coal used within its border — became the fifth topic to undergo this experimental approach. About 40 people showed up for the Louisville forum.

Jim Waters, president of the free-market think tank the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, and Tom FitzGerald, head of the Kentucky Resources Council and the well-known environmental lawyer and lobbyist, argued their points. And they even found some points of agreement on the need for swifter permitting and what needs to happen for the future of Eastern Kentucky.

Here’s a glance at how it worked:


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