House Transportation Chair Santoro sees Road Fund as another high priority for 2018 session

12/18/2017 10:00 AM

Another priority during the 2018 legislative session is the Road Fund. House Transportation committee chair Rep. Sal Santoro, R-Florence, says that the time has come to prioritize road funding around the state.

The northern Kentucky legislature is concerned with the current condition of many roadways and bridges across the state as upkeep has been delayed because of a lack of funds.

“Our biggest issue is maintaining our roads,” Santoro said. “We have so many road deficiencies that the whole process has been overlooked.”

Santoro, a retired Kentucky State Police trooper, says that one thing which has hampered transportation funding over the years has been the sweeping of funds meant for transportation that is being used to fund other agencies.

“We’re finding out that there are more pots of money that are taken out of the road fund, and the biggest one is the Kentucky State Police for vehicle enforcement” Santoro said. “They are supposed to come out of the general fund.”

Santoro is one legislator who was disturbed by all of the sexual harassment allegations surrounding some House members as well as the suicide of Rep. Dan Johnson.

“It bothers you, you build a relationship all members, both sides of the aisle, you want to keep that relationship and it hurts,” Santoro said.

Santoro is confident that, despite all of the difficulties in recent months, both the House and Senate will do what it takes to put a workable pension solution in place early in 2018.

“I think the house membership, the majority and minority, they know it needs to be done, over in the Senate, they’re aware of it,” Santoro said. “We are going to affect a lot of people lives in this pension crisis, but, we are going to make sure that we are going to save that pension. “That’s what all members of the General Assembly want to do.”

Santoro adds that he believes that tax reform will also be dealt with during the 2018 session.


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