House Republican is willing to compromise on pension funding but disagrees with handling of issue

03/05/2013 11:24 AM

One of the House Republican leaders sees room to salvage pension reform — and thus, the 30-day session, if Senate Republicans and House Democrats can negotiate over funding and moving back to a “hybrid” pension plan for future workers.

Rep. John “Bam” Carney, R- Campbellsville, who is serving in his first session as House minority whip, said he is disappointed in the actions of the General Assembly during the first 23 days of this year’s 30-day session.

“The people expect is to get these things done. We came to Frankfort with three major issues: pension reform, tax modernization, and redistricting. And we are in day 23 or 24 and really we have accomplished none and that’s really disappointing,” Carney told Ryan Alessi on Monday’s edition of Pure Politics (at 6:05 in video below).

The biggest argument between the Republicans and Democrats in Frankfort comes from the methods to fix the state’s woefully-underfunded pension system.

But unlike Senate Republicans, Carney says he believes it is the obligation of the General Assembly to find a way to fund the more than $100 million dollars needed in additional general fund dollars for the to make its full payment into the Kentucky Retirement System and to state how they will do it.

“It’s not that I disagree with the Speaker in terms of we need to find a funding mechanism, I think that is reasonable. But I really have a concern with the method that we basically just took Senate Bill 2 and just demolished it,” Carney said (at 1:20).

Carney believes the way his chamber handled the pension reform bill that came from the Senate was a breach of trust to a year of work from a bipartisan task force.

And while some in the House that served on the task force see some good ideas in the House plan for funding, Carney said he and other House Republicans want to go back to the original version of Senate Bill 2 to adopt the hybrid cash-balance plan for future public employees. That was one of the recommendations from the task force.

“I don’t think we can go forward without the hybrid plan. The reason I say that is because I think precedent has been set by the task force and the Senate vote that that’s what they want” (at 4:45).


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