House Majority Floor Leader says that House being deliberate with budget plan; does not need 51 votes for initial passage

02/29/2016 06:53 PM

FRANKFORT – House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, feels that the House budget discussions are progressing, but can’t pinpoint when the final proposal will hit the chamber floor for a vote.

Adkins says the he and other House legislators are carefully mulling over the budget
and trying to craft the best fit for everyone.

“Our budget subcommittees are basically dissecting the budget in each division, each agency, each cabinet secretary, coming before their subcommittees,” Adkins said. “I think we’re taking our time. We’re making sure we that we know where the deficiencies are in this budget and we’re giving those that are impacted the chance to come and testify of the issues, the problems, and the impact that this budget would have if passed as is.”

The Democrats currently hold a 50-46 advantage in the House going into the March 8 special elections. And there’s been discussion as to whether there needs to be a constitutional majority of at least 51 votes to pass their version of the two-year spending bill.

Adkins said he believes that 51 votes are needed only on the final passage of the compromise budget.

“I rely upon the legal team of mine and the legal team that we have within our leadership and the Speaker and they believe that we do not on the initial passage, but on final passage we do.” he said. “But, we believe that we are going to craft a budget that’s going to correct some of the deficiencies, whether it be in elementary, secondary ed., or whether it be in higher ed., especially.”

Complicating the math for Democrats is a medical issue which has sidelined one member. Rep. Tom McKee continues to recover after having surgery almost two weeks ago.

Adkins says that the Cynthiana Democrat is doing well and expects him to return to the chamber possibly as early as next week.

“The surgery went really well and he’s at home resting now, and just waiting on the doctor to give him the release to be able to come down back on light duty,” Adkins said.

Adkins was unsure when the budget will hit the House floor for a vote but did say that there will be a lot of work done concerning the budget this week.

“I think we are on a deliberate pace while we’re moving through the process that we’re not rushing, we’re doing the job we need to do and a lot of works going to be done this week,” he said. “Whether it’s ready by the end of this week or next week, I can’t answer that. It depends on how work goes as we move through the week.”


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