House Health and Family Services chair Addia Wuchner looks to see many GOP friendly bills pass now that Republicans have majority

12/25/2016 04:11 PM

Rep. Addia Wuchner, R-Florence, is hopeful that many House bills sponsored by GOP legislators which died in previously Democratic controlled House will see new life now that Republicans hold a 64-36 majority, and also have control of the Senate and governor’s office.

Wuchner, who was named chair of the newly named Health and Family Services Committee, previously Health and Welfare, said that at this point in time, she’s evaluating what bills will get hearings in 2017.

“You know, I’m in my listening mode right now, looking at some of the pre-filed legislation, looking at some of the legislation that we’ve had in the past that maybe hasn’t moved forward,” Wuchner said. “Right now, it’s just organization and looking at what we need to do.”

Wuchner is hopeful that now, with both the House and Senate under GOP control, the bodies will be able to work together better than in past years, but says that both sides will need to put effort into making that a reality.

“There are two chambers and we are going to agree some, obviously we are of the same party but sometimes we may not agree,” Wuchner said. “There are some major things that need to be accomplished for the commonwealth of Kentucky and I see there we are going to find agreement and work collaboratively with the House, and the Senate, and of course, with the administration.”

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