House GOP lawmakers send letter asking Gov. Bevin not to call special session

12/07/2017 11:19 AM

House Republican lawmakers sent a letter on Wednesday calling for Gov. Matt Bevin, R-Kentucky, to wait on calling a special session, and take up pension reform during the regular session in January during the regular session.

Bevin has been adamant that he would call the special session this year, despite setbacks in recent weeks as House Republicans have openly balked at an earlier version of the pension reforms contained within a 505 page bill draft.

House Republicans have been negotiating a revised version of the bill with Senate Republicans and Bevin; Senate Republicans have said they have the votes in their caucus and their leaders say they’re ready for a special session if it is called by Bevin.

In the letter, sent Wednesday and signed by House Republican leadership, and what looks to be most of the GOP House caucus, ask Bevin to delay pension reforms until next year when lawmakers are back in session starting Jan. 2.

“…We believe, given that we are already in December, and with holiday activities in our communities underway, this is a matter that would best be addressed in the 2018 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, which will begin in a mere 27 days.”

The letter says that lawmakers in the House GOP caucus continue to meet with officials and constituents on the matter. However, the letter continues by recognizing Bevin’s sole authority to not call lawmakers back to Frankfort, but requesting he wait for January to tackle the topic.

Download the full copy of the letter with signatures here: letter to gov.pdf

Nick Storm

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  • Ricky Lee Williams Jr. wrote on December 07, 2017 02:22 PM :

    I want to give tremendous credit to the GOP members who acknowledged that now, right before Christmas, is not the time to call a special session for pension reforms. This is the show of leadership that not only me and my crowd has been wanting to see, but I think the whole state is starving for this. The Governor has tremendous power, and to the victors goes the spoils, but the General Assembly is duly elected and finally has become, through many years of hard work, an independent body to where they can hold the governor in check the way the Constitution is designed. If this session were called before Christmas, it would have been a disservice to the members and capitol employees, as well as to anyone around the state who wanted their voice to be heard.

    Friends, I asked many of you to vote for candidate Bevin after the GOP primary, when Bevin became our nominee. My group has gotten much blow back these last several weeks for supporting the Bevin administration. I understand the frustration out here. There is a lot that I don’t like about what Gov. Bevin is doing and the ways he is doing it. But, we had no choice but to back Bevin against Jack Conway. I lost some of my democrat friends over that choice, and I would say after the last several weeks, I have a lost a few republican friends because of my support for Bevin.

    To my friends who are upset over how things are playing out in Frankfort, I am right there with you. I am hoping that either David Osborne or Jerry Miller is elected Speaker of the House. The last 2 election cycles, has added a lot of quality members to the body of the General Assembly. Rep. Jason Nemus, Rep. Kim Mosier, Rep. Jerry Miller and others are highly intelligent and bring a wealth of knowledge to the body. We still need to be recruiting quality candidates. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. These are very difficult times that we are experiencing. The state elected each of these members to take on these important tasks. I see those tasks being tackled January 2, 2018, led by a highly qualified cabinet in the Bevin administration. RL

  • nutjob wrote on December 08, 2017 06:58 AM :

    It is not like the legislature actually does anything in January. They introduce people and recognize school groups from their districts that come to see government in action. In reality NOTHING, not a thing that matters gets done until after the filing deadline has passed. Let’s face it, somebody is going to get gored in the sausage making process we call legislation. No legislator wants to pass a bill that will make competitors for the seat come out of the woodwork. 3 months ago it was about getting a pension plan put in place – today it is about saving members and maintaining a majority. It is all about playing the game.

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