House Democratic majority's map pits 2 pairs of Democrats, 2 pairs of Republicans against each other

08/16/2013 11:51 AM

The House Democratic majority’s latest redistricting map that will be proposed at Monday’s special session backtracks from earlier drafts and now pits as many incumbent Democrats against each other as sitting Republicans.

House Democratic Majority Leader Rocky Adkins will be put into the same Boyd County-based district as Rep. Kevin Sinnette of Ashland.

Also in Eastern Kentucky, Reps. John Will Stacy, a former House Democratic whip from Morgan County, will be in the same district as longtime Rep. Hubie Collins — the House Transportation Committee Chairman — of Johnson County.

The two Republican pairs will be Rep. Myron Dossett of Christian County against Rep. Ben Waide of Madisonville and Rep. C.B. Embry of Butler County against Rep. Jim DeCesare of Rockfield in suburban Warren County.

All the districts are within 5 percent of the ideal population for a House District — about 42,000 constituents. And the minimum number of counties (24) are split, according to a breakdown of the plan. That includes the 22 that are more populous than the 42,000 in an ideal district and two others that are mathematically necessary to split. Those two are Trigg and Harlan counties, the same two that are split in the existing map in place now.

That means there will be four open seats: one in Eastern Jefferson County, one in Bullitt County, one that covers Anderson, Spencer and part of Bullitt and then Elliott, Rowan and Lewis counties.

More than 130 precincts split, mostly in Jefferson County, Stumbo said.

House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown issued a statement saying he liked what he heard so far about the new map.

“I’m pleased that Speaker Stumbo is, at least on its face, moving toward a fairer plan for redistricting. Last week when we revealed our redistricting plan, we made a concerted effort to treat both Republicans and Democrats, and incumbent legislators is a fair and equable manner,” Hoover said. “While we haven’t reviewed the details of his plan, which will we do before the start of the Special Session on Monday at least on its face we believe this proposal is moving toward a better approach on redistricting.”


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