House Democrat files medical marijuana bill

02/19/2017 10:58 AM

As more lawmakers hear from their constituents advocating for access to medical marijuana, freshman Rep. John Sims, D-Flemingsburg, has filed a bill which would allow patients access to the drug.

House Bill 411, is barely two-pages in length and would essentially allow physicians the ability to prescribe the drug to patients, and not hold those doctors liable for recommending marijuana.

Sims is filing the legislation for Eric Crawford, a quadriplegic of 23-years, who lives in Mason County and is a vocal advocate for safe access to marijuana.

In a phone interview, Sims told Spectrum News he saw the drug as something that could target pain and the uptick in opiate abuse in Kentucky.

“Medical cannabis can help instead of taking all these pills that people are addicted to and overdosing on — its a natural grown from the earth product,” Sims said. “It hopefully will reduce pain for some people. Hopefully it will reduce the death rate for people who are addicted to these opioids.”

Sims said this bill would start small in the General Assembly, but he was unsure how it would be received by colleagues in the House.


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