House committee investigating Jeff Hoover will initially meet behind closed doors

01/05/2018 02:34 PM

FRANKFORT – The special House committee which will decide whether charges against Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover are valid and warrant further investigation will likely take place out of view of the public.

The committee held their first meeting on Friday with committee chair Rep. Jerry Miller, R-Louisville, setting up some the organizational tasks for the members to work through.

Miller emphasized the importance of getting things done in a time efficient manner.

“We know as a body we are facing a budget session, we are facing pension and possibly tax reform, and we need to deal with this in an expeditious manner within the bounds of holding ourselves to the highest standard of the body,” Miller said.

Rep. Sannie Overly, expressed concerns to Miller about setting up procedural rules.

“Is there to be a draft?” asked Overly. “Are we to come on Monday with a proposed draft? What will that look like? Furthermore, I think that we should address today the need for independent counsel.”

After the meeting, Miller defended the decision to have at least some of the earlier meetings in closed session.

“Investigative committees need that secrecy,” Miller said. “So, at a certain point, we will be going into closed session. Consulting with council, we feel that we have that responsibility. I will largely depend on the rules we pass. I expect we’ll have an initial phase which is somewhat similar to a grand jury process. Is there cause?”

Miller hopes to conclude the proceedings by the beginning of February.

Rep. Phil Moffett, R-Louisville, who was one of the eight House members who filed the complaint on Wednesday seeking the expulsion of Hoover, believes strongly that all of the meetings should be public.

“Our history in our state has been one of cover up, I mean sexual harassment, hostile workplace, and our body fighting essentially to make sure that that doesn’t get disclosed, and we need to change that culture,” Moffett said.


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