House and Senate override vetos on budget and revenue and tax reform bills

04/13/2018 10:20 PM

FRANKFORT – The House and Senate voted to override the Gov. Matt Bevin’s veto of of House Bill 366, known as the revenue and tax reform bill, as well as House Bill 200, the budget bill.

For House Bill 366, the House voted 57 to 40 to override the veto, while the Senate narrowly voted to override by a 20 to 18 vote with Senate President Robert Stivers casting the deciding yes vote.

Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, who voted to override the veto, blasted Gov. Matt Bevin in speaking for the override.

“It disturbs me that this governor would say that we don’t understand fiscal policy,” Hoover said. “Well, will tell you what I think that we do understand as members of this General Assembly, I think we understand that you can’t cut $600 million from education as the governor did, and not expect their young people to be adversely affected.”

Later, the House voted 66 to 28 to override Bevin’s veto of House Bill 200, the budget bill, while the Senate voted 26 to 12 to override that veto.

Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, wasn’t concerned about Gov. Matt Bevin’s tweet earlier in the day about the possibility of calling a special session over the budget bills because they were not fiscally responsible.

“We have dealt with for the last month with the administration and our staff, and it is the LRC staff which sets projections, getting fiscal notes and estimates, on items that the administration gets us and the items that we had, and our economists and our budget individuals who are non-partisan, who feel very comfortable in their numbers.”

The House and Senate wll convene tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. to work on some tweaks to
House Bill 200, House Bill 366 and House Bill 262.


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